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What is the prospect of developing willow weaving industry in Linyi?

Linyi City is currently one of the producing areas of wolfberry and willow in the world, and also one of the main producing areas of willow products in China. Willow weaving is the city's traditional export commodities, and its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa. Linyi has the following advantages in developing willow weaving industry:

1、 The resource advantage of salix chinensis planting is obvious. The planting area of Chinese wolfberry has grown to more than 250000 mu, with an annual output of more than 700000 tons. It is one of the planting bases of Chinese wolfberry. Among them, many counties, districts and towns have a tradition of planting wolfberry willows for more than 300 years. The willows produced after peeling are white in color, uniform in thickness, high in toughness, good in texture, without peeling or fuzzing, and are excellent materials for weaving various willow products.

2、 Product advantages of wicker products. Willow products produced by Willow Products Factory are not only suitable for weaving willow products, but also suitable for various weaving methods. At present, the city's wickerwoven fabrics have developed from the original general daily necessities to household products and pet products, with the grade constantly improving and the variety of designs and colors constantly increasing.

3、 The talent advantage of wicker export. Willow weaving is a widely circulated handicraft in Linyi City. "Basket weaving and basket weaving are available in every family", and there are sufficient weaving technicians. In Linshu, Tancheng, Hedong, Junan and other large willow production counties, almost every household can weave willow products and has rich experience. More than 80% of employees in some enterprises have more than 10 years of knitting experience, effectively ensuring product quality and grade.

4、 Willow products have the advantages of environmental protection of raw materials. Willow weaving enterprises develop new products in strict accordance with the environmental protection requirements. In addition to the main materials, the paint and auxiliary materials used also meet the environmental protection requirements. The willow weaving products produced also have the characteristics of green environmental protection and pollution-free.