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The important value of willow weaving

Willow weaving is the combination of simple tools and superb skills, as well as the combination of practicality and aesthetics. Through the innovation of weaving technology, many different types of products have been created in the weaving structure and product form, meeting the needs of the masses in production and life. At the same time, Willow weaving technology, a folk art form, has also been greatly developed.

Willow weaving technology is a folk technology formed by the working people in the long-term social practice, and is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people. It has the following characteristics:

1. Willow weaving, as a purposeful practical and aesthetic creative activity, is characterized by mastering and using raw materials and weaving tools such as willow with skilled and specialized skills, which is an important means to understand and use natural laws.

2. The popularity of wicker weaving. Willow weaving technology is produced and developed in long-term labor practice. The creation process and spread process of each handicraft are formed on the basis of common labor.

3. Willow products have a wide range of raw materials. They make full use of the characteristics of tough plants, pay attention to color and texture, and pursue nature, reflecting the simple, honest and sincere character of the working people.

4. Compared with general traditional art, the subjectivity of willow weaving modeling concept is more prominent. It is the organic combination of folk practical technology and folk arts and crafts, as well as the organic combination of practicality and aesthetics.